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Saturday, 14 September 2019


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There are two ways you can earn money in Oriflame
1. Direct selling through the catalogue which has the retail prices while you buy at reduced prices if you register as a distributor with just NGN 1200.
2. You can introduce people to register under you. Any purchase they make will count for you in cash, i.e. you get commissions on what they buy. Introducing others increases your chances of earning more income and you can also build your own Team and take your Business to any height you choose.  So if you have like 50 people registered in your team, the commission adds up when they buy products and your account will be credited. You introduce as many people as possible and the more you register you move to Manager, Director, Gold Director etc.

You just need to make sure each person buys at least 100 BP ( Bonus Points), which amounts to about NGN 8505 worth of goods.

If everyone buys make up, fragrances, deodorants etc. monthly, then, cash somes in while you just watch your account balance grows month on month.

It does not affect the job you do. It can be a part time business or full time business. Anyhow money comes in.


The 1st good news is you buy at 23% discount so that when you sell at catalog price you make an instant profit of 30%. So for example if a product is NGN 1000 catalogue price,  you buy at about NGN 700.

Now if you want to earn more money, which is good news 2, you need to start recruiting new consultants too. If for example you have 5 new consultants under you and each of them have bought their first 100 Bonus Points and you have bought your own too, you will have a Group Bonus Points of 600 BP and a personal business point of 100 BP. 600 BP means you are a 6% consultant. A 6% consultant will first of all have an additional 6% discount on purchases,  

and then because your down lines only have 100 BP which is 0% consultant,  (0-199 BP is 0%, 200-599 is 3%, 600 to 1200 is 6%...) you will also get a 6-0=6% discount on all of their sales. That's good news 3. 

Performance Discount
Total amount BP gathered for all orders during one month decides your Performance Discount Level

*PGBP - Personal Group Bonus Points
*to be qualified as a ‘New Achiever’, minimum personal BP required is 100 BP by the end of the month.

New Achiever 3%: 200-599 PGBP
New Achiever 6%: 00-1199 PGBP
New Achiever 9%: 1200-2399 PGBP
New Achiever 12%: 2400-3999 PGBP
New Achiever 15%: 4000-6599 PGBP
New Achiever 18%: 6600-9999 PGBP
New Achiever 21%: 10000 PGBP – above

Now good news 4, as your group increases,  you get more down lines who also get more down lines the who also get...., your level rises from 0%-3%-6%-9%-12%-15%-18%-21%. At 21%, you are a Senior Manager and you are earning 21% on personal sales plus 21-whatever % your direct down lines buy. Soon one or more of your active down lines will also become a Senior Manager and at this point you start earning additional bonus as long as you meet criteria, you travel and lots more.

How can you make money today?

Let's look at the example of Time Reversing Cream. The catalogue price is NGN 4.290 

Oriflame Business Strategy:

  There are 11 ways to earn:

  • Direct Benefits (23%) You get an instant 30% Profit on sales. 
  • Performance Discount (3% -21%) You get a discount performance each month on your sales downline
  • Cash Award given at the time the consultant first reach a certain rank in the Success Plan
  • Leaders Club Bonus
  • Oriflame Bonus (4%) You get bonus 4% of all sales your downline who have reached the position of 21%.
  • Gold Bonus (1%)
  • Sapphire Bonus (0.5%)
  • Diamond Bonus (0.25%)
  • Double Diamond Bonus (0.125%)
  • Executive Bonus (0.0625%)
  • Car Bonus

This is a Unique Oriflame Success Plan Ladder

1⃣ Savings : As a user of our great product , you enjoy 23% discount on any product you buy as a registered consultant. Meaning that you would be buying at the company price for yourself, your household and as gifts for friends and family.

2⃣ 30% retail profit : You can get products at 23% from the company and sell to make 30% instant profit e.g if you buy a product of 1000 naira from the company, you sell 1300 naira, you have made 300naira profit, sell 10 of the product and that's 3000 naira profit.

3⃣ Invite friends to see your awesome opportunity, they join as a user, seller or also to build a team and you get upto 21% discounts on their purchases paid to you, this accumulates fast into good cash.
Aside this monthly earnings, you also get to earn cash bonuses for closing tiitles.



Thursday, 18 July 2019

Slourish Investment comp.

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Slourish Investment comp.
Slourish, being a great bussiness-driven micro-investing platform, also aims to  educate members or at least keep the community booming with insightful contents.
As a matter of fact, we want to keep everyone productive and interactions as meaningful as possible. The community, though can be used for mere discussions, is aimed at sharing ideas and keeping members  informed on limitless topics including business, investments and finances.
In a bid to keep the discussions in the community educative and informative, we have created this program to reward the efforts of Slourish active members who are most insightful and resourceful in sharing their knowledge with the community.
Anyone can now get paid for interactions.
What is involved?
Simply stay active in the community, interact and share your knowledge through posts, comments and replies. While you can still earn just by liking and reacting to people's contents, we are focused on rewarding content creators. You can also earn for sharing photos, videos etc. as long as it's helpful to other members.
You basically get paid for having fun in the community!
There's no fixed amount you will earn per interaction as the amount you earn is determined by how useful your contents are. The easiest way to know a great content is by it's engagement. Are other members appreciating the content? Our algorithm knows just how useful a post is and rewards the creator based on its merits. Earnings are paid directly into local bank accounts or Paypal.
Insightful Posts
You earn up to ₦1,000 for every insightful content you post in the community. It's easy and straight forward. Your posts don't need to be approved either! Just get to the community section and share your thoughts and we will pay you for it!
Comments, Replies
Members earn up to ₦100 per useful contribution to each meaningful content in the community. Found a post you like? Then say something! How about the contents you know more of? Throw more lights and share your thoughts. It helps others!
You've been interacting for free on other platforms for years.
Why not make it another stream of income for yourself here?
It's time to start cashing in on your knowledge. 

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Soccer Prediction Telegram Channel For Everyone (Join Now To Win Your Bet)

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Toady I'm going to show you the latest soccer prediction telegram channel to join in this 2019.

A lot of guys out there are searching for soccer prediction telegram channel in Nigeria 2019 to join to assist them to win there bet.

Am happy to tell you that we have a very active telegram channel for soccer prediction where will share football news, prediction tips, and free ODD, giveaway and lots more.

In 2018 we worked very hard to make sure our clients are happy by providing them sure game to stake any amount of there choice. The amazing thing is that it will never cut.

Abia State University Courses

We have been on this game for years, we have our pattern of operating.

I created a telegram channel to enable me share booking code to my clients .

About Us

We are Emmanuel betting solution,  our aim is to provide bet9ja booking codes to our subscribe members to enable them win there game.

We have been operating for four (4) years now.

Today I'm going to share you the latest soccer prediction telegram channel in Nigeria owned by us to join so that you can start winning your bet.

Benefits Of Joining Our Soccer Prediction Telegram Channel

There many advantages of joining our telegram channel, there are

1. We shall be posting free Booking code 

 on the telegram channel for you to play, the amount of money you will win depends on how much you stake.

2. You will meet other people and share ideas.

3. You be afraid to lose because our game is 100% guaranteed.

4. You will be getting football prediction tips for free.

For your exam runz visit myexamrunz.com

How To Join This Best Football Prediction WhatsApp Group

Now you have gotten the necessary information, the next thing is too join this best soccer prediction telegram channel in Nigeria and start winning your bet.

Best Soccer Prediction Site In Nigeria

You don't have to pay a dime before you can join this telegram channel. All you have to do is to follow the link below, pay a registration fee and join, and start winning.

Join Our Telegram Channel Here

How Does It Works

Once you join the group , we shall be sharing booking codes  with 50-100 odds everyday for you to stake.

We are working very hard on the channel.

We also do  giveaways

Winning Proofs

Now let me show you some winning proofs I get from the WhatsApp group in the last 13hrs. 

The  amount of money you could win depends on how much you stake, sometimes we post 50 odds, 100 odds etc...

So we advice you to stake high to win high or you can start with 1000 to start stark and make more.


Now you have gotten the information you want. Join the channel let's rock it.

soccer prediction telegram channel was shared by Clinton. REGISTER

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